Friday, July 21, 2006

Happiness is warm bed with cat nip


I happened to catch the boy lounging in the bed I made for him. It was knit then felted. The yarn was Lamb's Pride Bulky in Blue Blood Red and the color matches exactly the color fabric in our living room furniture. The pattern is from The Second Treasury of Magical Knitting. If you not familiar with this book, all the patterns are based on a moebius strips. A moebius is a strip in the shape of a ring that has only one edge. This was an easy fast project. Both cats like the bed just not at the same time. Maybe I should knit Mindy one of her own.


Abigale said...


I just surfed over to your site from the Sable Knitters ring - looks like we're neighbors!! (I'm right below you).

Love the Kitty Bed, and that spindle jewelry is amazing.

I sure am enjoying reading about your adventures with spinnning for your Mystery Shawl.

Have fun!


Joni said...

The cat bed looks so cozy. I wish someone would knit me a bed, lol!

Anonymous said...

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