Sunday, July 09, 2006

My Fiber content for the day

This is one of the things that I have accomplished recently. This is a panel that I wove for The Thread Project. This panel along with six others woven of the same warp color will be sew togther to form the complete cloth called "Lienzo Luminoso" which translates to Cloth of Light. The weft was all donated by folks from around the world. The different threads were tied togehter and to creat a visuale representation of the world in community. Some of the threads were from folks at school (I'm a Psychology Major at Archadia University). Guitar strings from Dr. Blustein, Data Tape from Dr. Miserandino, Cloth and lace from Dr. Wiley, a piece of thread from a thai(?)day bed that Dr. Powell said he did all his best dreaming on, and ribbons, pieces of blue jeans, and strips from a neopreen knee brace from friends of mine. I loved working on this. The guitar strings and some of the knots were a real challenge to weave. Follow The Thread Project link (you'll find it to the right) to find out what the project is all about and why this is just so cool!. Click on the picture to see a better view.

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