Sunday, July 16, 2006

Mystery yarn

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Actually, I know exactly what the yarn is. It's the 80/20 blend of Merino and Silk for my mystery stole. It was just taken out of the soak to set the twist. There's 2 good size skeins and the inevitable small one that was plyed from a single, using the center pull ball method. I guess I was in a rush just to get this little bit done and it came out slightly under plyed. I'm not going to use this small bit unless I have to. Tomorrow it's off to The Lamb's Wool to use the yardage counter in order to get the most accurate count of just how many yards I have and get more fiber if I have to spin some more. I have the feeling I will.

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Abigale said...

Oh, that's beautiful! I love working with silk/merino blends - just so damn scrummy!