Saturday, July 15, 2006

Some pictures of Christines beasties

This is Oby

What so want, I'm trying to sleep!

And this is one of Oby's paws. He's polydactyl which means he has extra toes. Most cats have 4 on the from and 5 on the back. Oby has 6 on the front and 7 on the back.

Would you look at that mitten!

This Mindy and she is her Papa's little girl and he is firmly wraped right around her tail. This isn't the best picture I have of her but I love the way I captured her mid-lick.

MMMM, tasty

And finally Mitzvah. You might be wondering how a rat and 2 cats get along and I'm happy to say better than expected. Mindy is our little hunter so I've don't encourage close contact but Mitz and Oby have been nose to nose and they seem O.K. with each other. If Mitz doesn't act like prey then he won't be prey.


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