Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Here are the solution photo's for my macros:
#1 A vase I made in one of my pottery classes

#2 My Award of Arm Scroll from the Society for Creative Anachroism.

#3 Minuette, the cat that like to use my yarn a dental floss

#4 My wedding bouquet

#5 The cat tree

#6 An art award I won at a regional Phi Theta Kappa convention

#7 My happy shoes, who isn't happy when wearing fusha shoes with rhinestones and sequines?

Belle Peppa came the closest to guessing them.
I was going a bit stir crazy today so I decided to get out into the great outdoors. I went up to Peace Valley park to sit and knit by the lake. There was a group of 3 white and 1 black geese also enjoy a sunny afternoon by the lake. I took 49 pictures! Here are just a few.

Just hang'n out

A pretty pose

Feel'n goofy

By the water

Will they float? I think this one is try to decided between fly or float.

They float

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I'm s-m-a-r-t!! You wanna know how I know? I guessed that the new art work on LadyLungDoc's web site ( done by her talented hubby was melted vinyl. Jaquiebeancurd guessed that they were records. So we're both smart. Well I now I can't say that I don't ever win anything.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

This weeks blog stalking (better late than never)

Can you guess what these are?







Saturday, August 19, 2006

It's been a busy week. I work a lot this week because Betty (one of the people I work for) was on vacation, so I don't have any knitting progress to report.
On the spinning from things are a bit more interesting. I went to the Bucks County Grange/4H fair on Wednesday with Liz (the other person I work for) and her sister Martha jean (she also happens to be my dental hygenist who I saw monday afternoon. This fact becomes more relavant later in the narative). We had a great time looking at the live stock. Lots of local sheep, cows, pigs, rabbits and even guiney pigs. Liz judged the lead line competition which is where I found out tthe batteries in the camera were dead. In lead line, the kids create and out fit for themselves and their sheep and prade around for all to see. Oh my god, were some of the kids cute. I spent some time spinning with Rita (her hubby is the Bucks county agent and she owns the salon where I get my hair cut) and some of the folks who were showing their sheep. Some of the ladies I was spinning with were also past students of mine. The only bad thing and it isn't really that bad is I came home with a whole mess of mosquitoe bites which have been making me a bit nutty. I was even bitten thru my jeans so I have bites behinde my knees!!
Thursday nite was Spinning Circle. Vicky, Deb and Haline came and we had the usuale good time spinning, chatting and laughing. I worked on spinning some black tencel. I told the girls about the grange fair and we thought it would be nice for us to get togther the next day to go. Unfortunatly Halina had to work. We decided to just e-mail to finalize details in the morning.
I had seen MJ on Monday for a cleaning and mentioned that my teeth/jaw had been hurting (I grind my teeth so I have to wear a nite guard). She had me make an appointment for Friday morning to Robin (my dentist) for a bite check. Robin had me move my jaw to see what was wrong and I went thru the roof with pain. I hurt even after taking Advil after I got home. I canceled out on going to the fair with Deb and Vicky because I am a wimp when it comes to pain in my mouth. To be honest I a wimp when it come to pain period but I wasn't going to take the chance that I pop my jaw again that day. It felt a bit better this morning but I still feel like I have a cramp in my ear. Robin said no stims (soda, coffee, ADHA meds) until the spasm stops and only soft food.
Also this week I've claimed my Secret Spinning Pal and been claimed too. My SSP is very creative and made a blog for this exchange,, I feel so spoiled. I hope the person I'm the SSP to feels the same. Tomorrow I will get batteries, post this weeks blog stalking photos (I've got some cool ones if I can ever get them off the camera) and post some pics of my spinning.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

I wove a panel for the Thread Project and here is where it's going to be displayed for the first time

I received this today. I'm hoping to be there to see it for myself.

Dear Friends of The Thread Project:

It is with great joy that I announce that all of the cloths are completed; seven cloths for seven continents (49 panels in all). They will be exhibited together for the first time at St. Paul’s Chapel in New York City as part of the 5-year anniversary of 9/11/2001. St. Paul’s Chapel opened its doors and its heart to those seeking solace, hope and community during the eight-month relief effort at the World Trade Center site. A different color panel will hang on each of the six pillars; one panel, woven with threads from four 9/11 families, will be on the main floor; and the other 42 panels will hang from the balcony. The website has been updated with a new journal entry with some of my thoughts and feelings about the Project’s completion at and a few new pictures have been added to the photo album As always, thank you for your support. I hope many of you will be able to view the completed cloths in person; details about the exhibit can be found at

Best wishes,

Terry Helwig
No knitting, spinning or photography content yesterday but I did get something accomplished, I finally registered for my fall classes at Arcadia University. You gotta love a school that has it's own castle. I'll be taking Psychology as a Social Science and the lab that goes with it, Anthropology of the Family, Art Therapy 3, and Advanced Yoga. The only class that might have me tied up in knots is Psych as a Soc. Sci., I've heard the teacher (who seems really nice, she's a knitter) is a tough grader and I have to write a research paper. The actual research isn't the problem it's the writing that's a problem but if I just get over my procrastinating tendencies I should be fine. Once I get my papers going it O.K. I just have the bad habit of not getting them started until the last minute. I'm so happy that I'm going to get to start Mondays and Wednesdays with yoga. Those two days are going to be kind of long since yoga starts at 9:30am and my last class ends at 10:00pm and the ride home is about half an hour, but there will be a break in the afternoon so I can a)study, b)knit, c)nap. If I'm just too tired to drive I can always crash in the commuter lounge or get a guest room (the university has single rooms in the dorms that communter students can have for a nite if the weather is bad or they want to stay on campus for an event etc). I have a locker that I keep a change of cloths and a blanket and pillow in for just such an emergency. I stayed over two nites last year because of weather. Hubby has a love/hate feeling about my staying over. Loves the fact I'm safe but hates the fact that I'm not in bed with him. Such is the life of a non-tradional student.

these aren't new pictures but I thought you might enjoy something interesting to look at.

I love pictures that really convey depth of field.

A silk scarf I wove out of handspun, navajo plyed yarn that was all done on a drop spindle. It's one of my favorites.

Monday, August 07, 2006

I'm a blog stalker and now I'm being stalked too

Tonites dinner
Originally uploaded by CheekyRedHead.

My first theme is food. It's still to hot for me to think much about eating so my picture strikes me as a little unispired. Tonites dinner, salad with lots of green peppers (yes there really is some lettus and carrots under there) and a nice italian vingret along with a cold glass of Ginger ale witha splash of lemon.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

I've been a bit board lately and when I get board I go shopping!! I didn't buy this all at once this has been accumulating for about a month but I've just gotten motivated to post it.

Here is some pr0n:

Of the fiber variety, two silk bricks from chasing rainbows dye works. The pink one was actaully a gift from a friend. Sorry about the bad reflections off the bags. You'll get a much better view of this when it's spun into yarn



Of the book variety, The bears in this book are just so cute. I've already got one started but I'm not going to say which one I want him/her to be a surprise.


Of the yarn variety, I blew my budget for quite a while this week.

Helen's Lace in the Mixed Berries colorway

Shepherd Sock in the Bitter Sweet colorway

Blue Sky Alpacas 50%/50% Alpaca Silk Blend that was just begging to be made into socks. The color isn't so pink in person, much more of a blu red.

Bollicina, a 65%/35% blend of Cashmere and Silk. Most likly to become a lace scarf.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Something to get excited about

I'm going to participate in the spinning SP that's being held on the Knitty chat board. Here is the questionair I filled out:

1. How long have you been spinning?
20 years

2. What types of fiber have you spun? What have you spun that *isn't* "fiber"?
I've done it all.

3. What are your favorite colors?
Red, purple, pale yellow

4. Are there any colors you absolutely do NOT like? If so which?
Neon colors

5. What are your favorite fibers?
You mean I have to pick? If pressed I'd have to say silk

6. Do you have any unwelcome fibers (stuff you just don't need more of or like?) Soy silk is the worst and I'm not overly fond of Ingeo.

7. What is your Dream Fiber?
I dream of fiber most nights so it's hard to pick a favorite.

8. Have you ever started with raw wool - and gone from raw to spun? Would you want to?
Yes, I knit a baby blanket for a niece. I love to tell her the story of how I met the sheep who helped make her blanket and she loves to hear the story.

9. Do you own a drop spindle(s)? Wheel? What type/how many?
Somewhere around 50 drop spindles, high and low whorl, all different makers. An Ashford Traveler, an Ashford Joy, an indian charka, a Bosworth charka, Mother Marions Kick Spindle

10. Have you ever painted roving?
No, but I have painted warps of the loom and the process is similar.

11.What is the next thing you want to learn (techniques etc)?
I want to improve my technique for spinning flax so it become smother but I think this is just a matter of practice.

12. Do you card (or comb) your own or purchase rovings or top ready to spin?
I do process my own, but I love rovings and tops too.

13. Do you own hand carders, a drum carder, combs, etc.?
I own regular wool cards, cotton cards, mini combs, Viking style combs, Dutch combs (Louet)

Wants and Nots:
I'm very flexable.

19. Allergies:
None to fiber and meds take care of the rest.

a. Do you have any food, fiber, smoke, pet allergies your SP should be aware of?
Smoke and Hay

b. Do you smoke, have pets, or process peanuts where you store your yarn? If so, please declare them here:
I have two cats and a pet rat. No smoking in my house ever! No peanuts

20. Do you have an or wishlist you'd like to share with your SP (please add URL if applicable)?

21. Anything you’ve been longing for or would really love to get (spinning related or not)?:
Not really

22. What about stuff you don't need at all?
I can always use more fiber (except soy silk)

23. Do you have hobbies other than spinning (knitting, other crafts, tv, sports, collectibles, fave things)?
Knitting, Weaving, I'm a Psychology Major with a minor in Art Therapy,

24. Books you would like (spinning or not):
Math and the Mona Lisa, or anything else on Leonardo da Vinci (I loved him way befor the Da Vinci code came along)

25. Magazines you would like (spinning or not):

26. For those of you who live outside the US, is there anything you'd like that you can't get your hands on?
I'm in the US

27. In the event your SP lives outside the the US, is anything you'd like that you can't find in the US?
What ever my SP thinks is unique to their area will make me very happy.

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things:

28. Who/What is your favorite...
a. Chocolate: Dark, Dark, Dark
b. Muppet: Animal, Fozzy
c. Cartoon Character: Don't have one
d. Flower: Yellow Roses
e. Ice Cream flavor: Chocolate
f. Fragrance: Cinnamon and other spicy scents g. Shoes to wear: None and if I have to Keds h. Type of garden: One that I don't have to tend, I have a black thumb.
i. Animal: Cats, Rats (domesticated not sewer) j. Beverage: Water k. Author: Don't have one l. Musician: Nora Jones, anything celtic m. Holiday: Christmas (it's my birthday too) n. Time of Day: Morning o. Bath or Shower: Both, Shower to wake me up in the AM and a bath to help me relax in the PM. I do all my best thinking in the shower and if I'm having trouble staying awake to get thru a chapter in my text books I read in the bath (I don't fall asleep because I don't want the book to fall in the water)

I Want to Get To Know You Better:

29. How did you learn to spin?
I had one brief lesson and then it's been pratice and reading

30. What is the most exciting this that happened to you this month, year?
Nothing really, it's been quiet and that's that’s the way I want it.

31. What is your favorite thing to do to waste time?
Read and respond to the Coffeeshop, surf the net

32. The things that make me the happiest My animals, my job (I work in a yarn/Fiber shop where I teach spinning), my fiber arts

33. If you were candy would you be sweet, sour, or cinnamon?

34. If you were a fruit which would you be?

35. Are you a Java Junkie?
Yes but not when it's hot

36. Your birthday, in case it falls during the swap and your SP wants to send you a card:
It won't.

37. Do you have a personal mantra?
Ohm Mani Padme Hum (the jewel in the lotus) it's a universal mantra for enlightenment for the world. The one I give to my students is Practice Makes Better.

38. How do you feel about holidays?
I can take them or leave them.

39. How do you really feel about socks?
I love them.

40. What is your shoe size?
7.5 US

41. How do you feel about ponchos?
Hate them

42. What kind of music (and/or which artists) do you listen to when you are happy?

43. Rate yourself on a girly/fruh fruh factor from 1 - 10:
About a 4, I'm not into fruh fruh but I have been known to be girly ocasionally

44. What is your family situation? Do you have any pets?
Married, two cats, one rat

45. What are a few of your life dreams?
To be a Psychologist, to be able to use spinning/knitting in treating my patients

46. What languages do you speak (besides English)?
None I have no aptitude for languages

47. If you could live anywhere, where would that be?
Cornwall, England

48. If you could do anything for a living what would it be?
I love the job I have now (I work part time in a yarn/fiber shop) and when I get my license to practice I will love being a Psychologist

49. If you could have any "super power" which would it be?

50. You're given $10,000 for traveling. Where do you go and why?
Cornwall, England. It's where my grandmother grew up.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

No, I haven't melted in the heat but I just haven't had anything to say. I've got a bad case of the blahs. Nothing seems to be getting me excited right now. Some progress has been made on my charity blankets and I started another blanket for friend who's due in January. Shhh! if you know who I'm talking about don't tell her. There are the other um-teen projects that I have started (the list on the side bar is in no way complete) but none are jumping up and saying "knit me, knit me" right now. Just blah blah blah. Hopefully when I go to work this afternoon there will be something new that will excite my hot and foggy brain.