Saturday, August 19, 2006

It's been a busy week. I work a lot this week because Betty (one of the people I work for) was on vacation, so I don't have any knitting progress to report.
On the spinning from things are a bit more interesting. I went to the Bucks County Grange/4H fair on Wednesday with Liz (the other person I work for) and her sister Martha jean (she also happens to be my dental hygenist who I saw monday afternoon. This fact becomes more relavant later in the narative). We had a great time looking at the live stock. Lots of local sheep, cows, pigs, rabbits and even guiney pigs. Liz judged the lead line competition which is where I found out tthe batteries in the camera were dead. In lead line, the kids create and out fit for themselves and their sheep and prade around for all to see. Oh my god, were some of the kids cute. I spent some time spinning with Rita (her hubby is the Bucks county agent and she owns the salon where I get my hair cut) and some of the folks who were showing their sheep. Some of the ladies I was spinning with were also past students of mine. The only bad thing and it isn't really that bad is I came home with a whole mess of mosquitoe bites which have been making me a bit nutty. I was even bitten thru my jeans so I have bites behinde my knees!!
Thursday nite was Spinning Circle. Vicky, Deb and Haline came and we had the usuale good time spinning, chatting and laughing. I worked on spinning some black tencel. I told the girls about the grange fair and we thought it would be nice for us to get togther the next day to go. Unfortunatly Halina had to work. We decided to just e-mail to finalize details in the morning.
I had seen MJ on Monday for a cleaning and mentioned that my teeth/jaw had been hurting (I grind my teeth so I have to wear a nite guard). She had me make an appointment for Friday morning to Robin (my dentist) for a bite check. Robin had me move my jaw to see what was wrong and I went thru the roof with pain. I hurt even after taking Advil after I got home. I canceled out on going to the fair with Deb and Vicky because I am a wimp when it comes to pain in my mouth. To be honest I a wimp when it come to pain period but I wasn't going to take the chance that I pop my jaw again that day. It felt a bit better this morning but I still feel like I have a cramp in my ear. Robin said no stims (soda, coffee, ADHA meds) until the spasm stops and only soft food.
Also this week I've claimed my Secret Spinning Pal and been claimed too. My SSP is very creative and made a blog for this exchange,, I feel so spoiled. I hope the person I'm the SSP to feels the same. Tomorrow I will get batteries, post this weeks blog stalking photos (I've got some cool ones if I can ever get them off the camera) and post some pics of my spinning.

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