Sunday, August 06, 2006

I've been a bit board lately and when I get board I go shopping!! I didn't buy this all at once this has been accumulating for about a month but I've just gotten motivated to post it.

Here is some pr0n:

Of the fiber variety, two silk bricks from chasing rainbows dye works. The pink one was actaully a gift from a friend. Sorry about the bad reflections off the bags. You'll get a much better view of this when it's spun into yarn



Of the book variety, The bears in this book are just so cute. I've already got one started but I'm not going to say which one I want him/her to be a surprise.


Of the yarn variety, I blew my budget for quite a while this week.

Helen's Lace in the Mixed Berries colorway

Shepherd Sock in the Bitter Sweet colorway

Blue Sky Alpacas 50%/50% Alpaca Silk Blend that was just begging to be made into socks. The color isn't so pink in person, much more of a blu red.

Bollicina, a 65%/35% blend of Cashmere and Silk. Most likly to become a lace scarf.

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mf said...

drooling over the silk and yarns!