Thursday, August 10, 2006

No knitting, spinning or photography content yesterday but I did get something accomplished, I finally registered for my fall classes at Arcadia University. You gotta love a school that has it's own castle. I'll be taking Psychology as a Social Science and the lab that goes with it, Anthropology of the Family, Art Therapy 3, and Advanced Yoga. The only class that might have me tied up in knots is Psych as a Soc. Sci., I've heard the teacher (who seems really nice, she's a knitter) is a tough grader and I have to write a research paper. The actual research isn't the problem it's the writing that's a problem but if I just get over my procrastinating tendencies I should be fine. Once I get my papers going it O.K. I just have the bad habit of not getting them started until the last minute. I'm so happy that I'm going to get to start Mondays and Wednesdays with yoga. Those two days are going to be kind of long since yoga starts at 9:30am and my last class ends at 10:00pm and the ride home is about half an hour, but there will be a break in the afternoon so I can a)study, b)knit, c)nap. If I'm just too tired to drive I can always crash in the commuter lounge or get a guest room (the university has single rooms in the dorms that communter students can have for a nite if the weather is bad or they want to stay on campus for an event etc). I have a locker that I keep a change of cloths and a blanket and pillow in for just such an emergency. I stayed over two nites last year because of weather. Hubby has a love/hate feeling about my staying over. Loves the fact I'm safe but hates the fact that I'm not in bed with him. Such is the life of a non-tradional student.

these aren't new pictures but I thought you might enjoy something interesting to look at.

I love pictures that really convey depth of field.

A silk scarf I wove out of handspun, navajo plyed yarn that was all done on a drop spindle. It's one of my favorites.

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