Thursday, September 07, 2006

Major spoiling going on at my house

The secret to who Belle Pappa is.....(que the suspenseful music)

Sarah Thompson (Plain and Tall on the Knitty chat board) Oh, my goodness!! First I surprised at the size of the box. When I opened I just could not believe what I found.

First this super cool gourd. It's about 10" tall and 37" around at the widest point.
Just look at the celtic knot work. I love it and it looks so good in my living room.

Then inside the gourd.

Here's what I found. Mohair from her goat "May", bunny fur from "Bianca", and some cinnamon orange tea and another surprise for me to open.

This is what I found in the green paper, Chocolate!! It wasn't at all melted.

Then there was some bling. A lovely bracelet, it's mainly amber colored beads interspersed with gold ones. I just love the clasp.

Here is the bling in action.

Mitzvah likes all the present I received but will abstain from the chocolate because it's bad for his figure. This totally made my day, my week, my month! I went back to work today but I still have major back pain. I can't spin my gorgeous fiber because of the pain. When I pick up the referral from more tests to find out what's wrong, I go tomorrow, I will take some with me to show Elizabeth the NP. I want to say "Look,look at what the pain is keeping me from!"

Sarah, that you so much. I so overwhelmed at what you've gifted me with. I don't think the mohair is course and the bunny, oh my, the bunny. I will always treasure the gourd. The chocolate and the tea are just what I needed to relieve the pain.

You are the best SSP. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


bensmumma said...

FABULOUS spoilage! Hooray for spinning sp's! ~raeknits

Belle Peppa said...

Aww Cheeky! I'm so happy that you like your stuff- I just hope you are feeling better soon so you can spin some fluff!

rose said...

Wow...that gourd is awesome! You're so lucky to have such a SP.

Batty said...

Great spoilage! And so original. Love the gourd.

Pixiepurls said...

what a cool gourd!!