Friday, October 06, 2006

It's cold and rainy here today

Fall has definitly arrived. All I want to do today is first go back to bed and snuggle a warm cat, get up sometime mid-morning and make a pot of tea, sit down at my spinning wheel and work on some wool. I'm in a Blue Faced Leicester kind of a mood. I want to feel the soft warmth of the fiber resting my lap as the wheel turns and sooths away the stress of the last week. As the fiber turns into yarn it will speak to my soul about it's possible future. It will tell me if it want to become mittens to keep hand warm and dry while throwing snow balls at Dr. B office window or a shrug to keep the chill of my back like a warm hug while I sit and study or will it say, I want to be woven into cloth that can be transformed into so many things, the potential is endless. What I'm really going to do is go to my work study job then psych class to hopefully get my test results back. I either did really well or bombed completely on this test. I'm kind of scared to find out. Perhaps when I get out of class I can come home for a bit of a nap and then let the wheel and wool work their soothing magic on me.

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natasha said...

you write so beautifully! you capture spinning so well!