Thursday, October 05, 2006

I've joined two new groups, The Lime and Violet KAL and Socktoberfest. Not that I have a lot of time for either but they are sort of realated. For Soctoberfest the idea is to knit socks for the month of October. Simple and since the only knitting I carry with me ever day is socks it's very easy to participate. The Lime and Violet Knit-A-Long involves using yarn from Lisa Souza, in her new L&V colorway. I've ordered 8 oz. of her Blue Faced Leicester spinning fiber and most likely will make socks out of it and a hat with the left overs. So you see, socks are the link. I'm also using the fiber as my carrot to get me thru to Thanksgiving break at school. Social Psych is kicking my butt, I have a 10 page paper due, for Art Therapy next Wednesday and I have a test from Anthro to get done (it's a take home). I also have a hat that I'm working on a for a friend. It's so goofy that I'm not even going to try to describe it. You just have to wait for the pictures. It's slow going because there's a lot of I-cord involved. That's the only hint I'm going give.

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Batty said...

Socktoberfest is such a great idea, I wish I had time to participate. Unfortunately, I have 2 projects with a due date and a bunch of Christmas knitting. Oh, well.

Have fun with the socks, and happy socktoberfest!