Sunday, October 15, 2006

This is my weekend to knit stuff to give away

Since my last post some good things have happened and some really bad things have happened. The bad news first, my Social Psych teacher anounced that she is out of remission from ovarian cancer and has to have surgery and chemo. She's going to try to get back to school to teach at least some of our classes and she'll do as much as she can from home like grading our tests and homework but she had to turn over most of the inclass stuff to another teacher. I'm worried about her. The last thing I said to her on Friday (her surgery is Monday) was that she needed to tell her doctor that I'm going hold him resposible if anything happens to her. She just has to be at graduation in 2008! I started to knit a chemo cap for her out of a cashmere/merino yarn. I just can't sit by and do nothing. So I'm doing the only rational thing I can, knit for her.

I can't really get into it but another friend is going thru a rough time of it so a bunch of us are working on a project to cheer her up. Don't want to spoil the surprise so details have to wait until the gift is given.

On a happier note another friend is preggers and so there is both a project from me and a group project on my needles for her. Again, can't go into it much so as not to spoil the surprise.

I've made the commitment to join the Dulaan project KAL. I need to knit five items and get them sent befor June 1, 2007. I can do that. Dulaan sends warm clothing and other stuff like meds and school supplies to Mongolia. The Lamb's Wool has already sent a box of knitted items. They included some balaklavas that had been intended for another charity project but our contact never got back to us. We didn't want all that work to go to waste so we sent them along with sample garments that we knit for the shop but no longer needed, scarves, mittens, hats, etc. A button is now on the side bar if you are curious and or want to join.

The good news as far as school is concerned is that I finished my first paper for my Art Therapy class and gave a presentation of said paper along with a art task to my class. I'm so glad to have gotten it done on time, the required length and it's out of my hands. I think it was very successful and that I'll get a good grade on it. The bad news is I totally blew my first test for Social Psych. On the brite side I have time to make up some of the ground that I've lost and now that I know what to expect on her tests I'll be able to prepare a bit better.

Now that the test and paper are done I have a bit of time to breath, spin, and knit so that's what I did last nite and this morning along with taking the time to post. I've still got homework, housework and food shoping to do along with stopping at school to my work with careing for the Psych Dept's rats so I can't ake too much time to play but I'm greatful for even just some play time.

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