Thursday, March 29, 2007

So far...

It turns out that I am going to stay in school this semester after all. Everyone (therapist, hubby and others in the support system) agree that I've come to far, done too well and that it would really screw with my lab partner if I dropped so far into the semester. Also if our study goes well we have a very real chance of getting published and that will only increase my chances of getting into grad school. If I drop it will put my a whole year behind and will only add to my student loans so in school I stay. Lucky for me if have a PA at school my teacher is working on her PhD in clinical counseling and isn't shocked by it. So my life is not completely off track/out of whack. I just need to get these damn panic attacks and nightmares under control.

What I might do to generate a little income so I don't fee like a total lump while I'm getting myself together is start a shop on Etsy ( to sell some of my hand spun yarn and fiber I know I'm never going to spin. So this weekend I'm going to ruthlessly go my stash and see what I have. This is just a thought so don't hold me to it. The name of the game right now is recovery.

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