Sunday, March 25, 2007

This is after more than an hour of trying to de-tangle my yarn!!!

I am in knitting H-E-double hocky sticks. I didn't follow my own advice to put my yarn in a Yarn Bra or a Zip Top bag to keep it from tangleing. I'm trying not to give into the temptation to just cut the yarn. So I wanted to share my misery and hopefully you'll learn from my mistakes.

Update: after another hour of trying I finally broke out the sissors. I din't loose much and I had to buy 2 or 3 extra balls so I could get the rest of the yarn I needed for this sweater so I'm definitly not going to run short.

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Akire said...

Hey Girl!

Akire here -- I Google'd you & found your blog 'cause I don't think you're at the shop today & I wanted to ask you a question! The Simply Socks book turned up on (the one with all the intricate turkish sock patterns). You'd mentioned having a copy of a version of it you don't want -- what's the scoop with that? Let me know so I know whether or not to buy the one on! I'm at akire at akire dot com. Talk to you soon! -- Akire