Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I have been very very busy. Not just with the Etsy shop but with weaving too. Got a new scarf off the loom on Sunday before going over to the in-laws for Easter Dinner. I used some sock yarn for the warp and my hand spun silk for the weft. Worked it up in a modified rosepath twill. Sorry no pictures yet.

I had an interview on Monday at the place I hope to be doing my internship at in the fall. I'm also hoping that it turns into some sort of paying gig. I'll should find out by Friday. Even if this just turns into a opportunity to volunteer for the summer I can still use the experience.

School has been going O.K.. We started to run the subjects for our study this week. We are researching creativity and it's effect on mood. It's effect on my mood is that the study is going to make me a bit nuts.

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