Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I'm in the home streach

My research project is coming to an end. All of the data is in and and I just have to spend some time to finishing up the statistical analysis. My lit review is finally coming together. For me this is the hardest part of writing up the report. The rough draft is due tomorrow but I have all day to work on refining what I've written so far. I meet with my instructor this afternoon and then I'm meeting with my research partner to go over the stats and write our discussion. The finished version is due next Monday and then all I have to do is study for the final exam for the class.

I have to admit that I was stressing myself out again yesterday while working on the paper. But whenever I had intrusive thoughts like "I just want to quit" or "who am I kidding to think I can do this" or "maybe I should just quit school all together instead of putting myself thru this over and over again" I just kept countering the negative thoughts with positive arguments like "Erica is counting on me to see this thru, if I can't do it for myself I can do it for her" and "I can do this because I've worked thru this before" and "I'm going to make a great therapist when I finish grad school". I just kept at it and took breaks when I needed to. I definitely need to get some advice from Max on how to handle my procrastination habits. I'm getting better but I can still use some help in that area.

My plan for the day is to run some domestic errands, then go to school to work for the day, then be at Erica's by around 7:30 to work with her on the report. I'm planing on a break for some lunch/dinner (don't know what time I'll work this in exactly) to nosh and to go outside to sit in the sunshine while getting a sock started with the yarn Alicia gave me as my treat for all the hard work. If I get stressed today with the writing I'll just fondle my sock yarn.

My plan for tomorrow is going to class, handing in my rough draft and then coming home to get started on the book challenge from Modergypsy. The book I'm going to work thru is either going to be The New Creative Artist, or Collage with Color. I want to get some spinning done. I also want to re-photograph the yarn I have up on Esty. I think that may be one of the reasons for it not selling. The pictures may look a bit dark so folks can't see what the yarn really looks like. If I get some spinning done I'll post it here for some actual creative content.

Thursday and Friday I will work on finishing up the chapters I need to read for my final and wait for Dr.S. to give me back my draft so I can work on the finished paper over the weekend while taking nosh/knitting breaks. What my weekend is going to look like will all depend on how much work I need to do on the making edits for the final version of my paper. This takes me thru the rest of my week and it all looks very do-able. I don't need to think any further than the next thing on the to do list see me thru.

O.K. now to get off my butt and stop distracting myself with my journaling. It's important for me to do this but I can tell now that I'm just procrastinating.


My number crunching is done and we got......bubkiss, nada, not only did we not get the result we wanted but our results show an increase in negative factors of mood instead of positive factors. My grade in no way will be effected by the results it's just so frustrating to do all this work only to be told that "If you had had more participants you might have had better results". Don't get me started on the whole review process that put us so far behind which contributed to our small N. AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! Let me just say that I hate doing research.

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