Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Where I'm at today

It's been almost a week since I resigned from my job and while I'm still having trouble sleeping through the nite, I haven't let myself stay in bed all day. I've gotten spinning done (sorry no pictures, maybe later today). I finally got my loom back to the way it should be set up. Had to move the warp and cloth beams to have the loom be more mobile for the thread project and never moved them back. I also have a project that I'm going to start warping as soon as I get home. I'm at school right now because we're getting 25 new rats in for an experiment and I need to be here to get them settled. I scraped the introduction of my research paper and started all over again because I just couldn't get into writing with the way I started it. I'm happy with the new approach and all I need to do now is read some new studies and outline them for this new opening. There has still been a serious lack of knitting but I think I'm going to work on that tonight while I listen to my text book. I have it as book on CD from SFB&D. I should have the print version of the book in front of me while I listen but I'm going knit instead and hopefully get somewhat head for once on the reading. All in all this has been a productive week.

The only other thing I want to get accomplished either day or tomorrow is working on a story for my blog on The Soul Food Cafe. I know I haven't mentioned this before but while I was struggling with whether or not to resign and feeling like I was in a creative rut I found The Soul Food Cafe. This is collection of blogs that make up a world called Lemuria. The Cafe started out as a creativity resource and/or focal point for writers but it has grown to include visual artists who work in a variety of mediums. I've created a persona called Chesten (like I need another alias) and she's come to live in the manor house called Riversleigh. I've never been very comfortable with writing but I find with the structure of The Soul Food Cafe I'm inspired to write and provide drawings and other art work to go along with the story. You can find Chesten's room at http://chesten.wordpress.com/ to read and see what I have so far. In order to keep Chesten's residence in the manor I need post on regular basis so I have incentive to flake out on keeping up with her story. I also hope this will lead to my being more regular about posting here as well.

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