Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Audition

I e-mailed Crow Mountain Farms to see if they needed any more spinners to spin their Sock Hop Yarn. Teyani, one of the owners wrote me back and said yes they do. So here is my audition yarn. I spun up some merino I wanted sample anyway. The colorway ranges from baby blue thru light green to yellow but I wanted to make it have a bit more depth so I plied a single of the space died fiber with a single of just plain white. It came out to 14 wpi and 24 sts to 4" on a size two. I was shooting for that kind of a guage but I had wanted the yarn to have a bit more delicate feel to it. Not that what I've sampled is bad but it came out like sock yarn which is what I had on my mind when I was spinning and what I need to spin for Crow Mountain. For my baby things I think I'm going to try to spin the rest of the fiber ever so slightly finer with just a bit less twist. I'll think baby yarn while I spin it too. As far as the color goes for what I wanted the original fiber for, a baby sweater, booties, and, a hat the yarn will be great. Now I only hope that what I've spun is what the folks at Crow Mountain are looking for.

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Shell said...

Looks nice! Good luck!