Monday, May 21, 2007

A post about how the warp a loom for Moderngypsy

A friend, Moderngypsy, picked up a rigid heddle loom recently and she posted a picture of it on her blog. I'm posting these pictures and an explanation of how I warp so she can see how her loom should be warped to get the tension even.

Here is a snip of the picture of MG's loom. Notice that the warp has formed hills and valleys as it was wound on to the warp beam. This is going to cause the tension of each thread to be uneven.

To solve this problem when you are winding the warp threads around the warp beam you need to insert something between the layers of thread to keep them even. I use paper bags from the super market. I cut the bottom off and cut a corner to make a long strip. You can get rolls of craft or banner paper from most craft stores which works well too. As you wind the warp onto the beam also pull the threads tight, away from the back beam, to pull out any slack. See how the warp threads are all lying evenly.

Here is a view of the layers of paper that lays between the layers of warp.

I also put one strip of paper onto the cloth beam to make sure the cloth is going to lay flat as well because my loom has teeth to tie the warp onto. This step may not be necessary for other types of looms but it's not going to hurt anything to do it either.

In case your wondering I'm weaving with silk hankies stretched out into a long strip but not spun. It makes a very nice soft texture.

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