Friday, May 18, 2007

Ravelry the newest addiction

Every morning I have a routine of blogs and other places I like to visit while I drink my first cup of coffee and now Ravelry has been added in a big way. What is Ravelry you say? It's just one of the best knitting/crochet/soon to include spinning and weaving site on the face of the planet. The premise of the site is that it's an organizational tool. You keep a list of projects, stash, needles, post pictures if you progress and finished items. You can keep a friends list to see what every one else is doing, you can look at patterns/yarns and add to a que of projects you'd like to do in the future. So far I'm one of about 650 people who have access to it. Their adding people slowly so the whole thing doesn't crash. And why are they adding folks so slowly? Because there's like 4500 (no lie) waiting to get to addicted to the newest crack in town. I don't know how I lucked into an invite but I'm so happy I did. Go sign up to be on the waiting list. Hurry, go do it now!

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