Saturday, May 19, 2007

Spinning on a drop spindle

I found a new -along to join. It's called Spun Stitches. The premise of the -along is to spin the yarn for a lace shawl. I've decided to use a drop spindle that I picked up at last years Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. I can't remember the makers name. The wood is pink and white ebony on cocobolo. The fiber is a hand dyed merino and viscose blend from Divine Fibers. I've got 8 oz of this blend and I just love the colors but it's a little britght for what I have in mind. I've just ordered some plain white merino viscose that I'm going to spin up to go tone down the brightness in the dyed fiber. I'm not sure if I'm going to add one or two plys of the white. I'll decide that when the white gets here and I can sample it. Here are some pictures of what I've done so far.


Monika said...

Your pictures came the closest so far, to show how to spin fine yarn. I'm a beginner and I would LOVE to spin so fine, but I don't know how yet. Yours is amazing, that looks like sewing string! I'm curious on how your chosen fiber looks plied with white. Can't wait!

Libi said...

I've just started to learn to spin, I can't believe how fine that yarn is. Wow.

I love the color, by the way. It's amazing!