Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Spinner for hire

I just heard from Teyani at Crow Mountain Farms and she liked my sample so I'm now going to be a Sock Hop Spinner. I love spinning and I need a job with a lot of flexibility especially this coming fall so I've decided that in addition to spinning Sock Hop Yarn for Crow Mountain Farms, I'm going to start offering my spinning services again to anyone who wants custom yarn. If someone sees a roving from a dyer on Etsy (or any place else) they can buy the fiber, have it sent to me and I'll spin it up for them. This way the client can choose from the vast array of fibers and colors that's out there and get yarn that is to their specifications. I'll get to spin during the odd times of my typical day at school (like having any where from a 45 minute to 4 hour break between classes) while doing something that I love doing and I don't have to go anywhere else so I'll save on gas in a big way. One of my wheel is an Ashford Joy it will be very easy for me to take it to school.

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