Thursday, June 21, 2007

Summer of Socks Starts today!

Happy Summer Solstice to all!

I'm just about to cast on my first sock for the SOS and wanted to share what my plans are for the summer. My friend Alicia and I have planned on doing a bit of theme for our socks, Twins of Different Mothers, so were doing the same socks for the whole KAL. We each choose two socks to get us started. I really wanted to do the Walking Meditation Socks from Compassionate Knitting, which Alicia hadn't seen yet, and the Eleanora Socks from MimKnits, which was on Alicias sock to do list. Alicia wanted to the Pembrokeshire Pathways Socks and Hedera, both of which were on my sock to do list. So we are are starting with Meditation, then doing Pembrokeshire, Eleanora, and lastly Hedera. We also want to squeeze in Straight Laced.

I picked up the pale yellow yarn from Tess at this past Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival and will be the main color of the socks. The darker yellow is an odd ball from me stash and will be the heal, toe and a knot motif in the sock. Originally I was going to use red but when I looked at my yarn this morning I realized that the red I had picked out of the stash was a bit to heavy compaired to the pale yellow and the contrast between the colors was just to strong. I went stash diving and so now I'm going to to this tone on tone combination which I think works much better for the theme of this sock.

So there you have it, my start to the Summer of Socks.

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