Thursday, June 07, 2007

The wait for Ravelry! or my friends are sad

I'm very happy to say that I received my invite to join the beta testers for Ravelry (the newest and some of the best crack on the net to date for fiber folks). I might be happy but apparently there are folks on the waiting list how aren't. Casey, one of the owners and site developers posted this letter to the front page of the site to respond to a snarky person who complained about having to wait so long and to explain what the hold is on get an invite. This is a labor of love for them and they are spending as much time and a considerable amount of their own money to provide this service to the fiber world. If your on the list please try to be patient. I know it's hard when you hear people like me saying how great the whole Ravelry site is. In case your wondering who I mean when I say they, I mean Casey and his wife Jess and that's it, they are the development team. Two people who have a waiting list of 5000 anxious people! So please be nice.

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