Monday, July 09, 2007

Back in the saddle, with a vengence

I'm fully recovered from both the Asthma attack and the side effects of the steroids. If living with this disease has taught me one thing it's that I'll truly be able to understand my future clients when it comes to staying on a medication even though the side effects are almost as bad as why your on them in the first place. I did have to go back onto a long acting asthma med Advair but it's not a hard med to incorporate into my routine. If I had to rest and recover I picked a good time because I didn't have any commission spinning to do. Well Saturday I did get the next shipment of CMF Sock Hop Fiber and OMG!! is it ever soft and squishy. The colorways are Big Yellow Taxi (top left), The Beat Goes On (top right) Brown Eyed Girl (bottom left) It Takes Two (bottom right).

I started with The Beat Goes On and it's dream to spin. I've got two really full bobbins already but the picture just doesn't do it justice. At this rate I'll have the singles spun up by Tuesday night.

The Spirit in the Sky yarn is up on the CMF website and is ready for sale. Go here, scroll down.

The other thing that's going to happen on Tuesday night is I get to check in, via the county website, to see if I have to go to the court house for Jury Duty. The rules for attending this opportunity to see the wheels of justice turn state that you may not bring knitting needles into the court house. To me, that is TORTURE. I'll take a book, my laptop, but what else can I take with me so that I won't be climbing the walls on Wednesday? Cross Stitch? Crochet? Not my things. What I find amusing in a very sarcastic sort of way is that the one day I have to be out of the house is the one day I need to be home. We are expecting the delivery of a new Select Comfort Sleep Number Bed and the only day this week they could be here is Wednesday! So Hubby gets to stay home and play WOW or Overlord or Guitar Hero and I have to be stuck at the court house with no knitting. And ... and Hubby will get to nap with our kitties on the new bed before I will. Harrumph. There is always the chance that I won't have to report but I have the feeling that I'm due for a little wall climbing. So leave a comment with your suggestions on how I can keep myself entertained, but remember the rules also state that I can bring anything that could be used a weapon so this is going limit what you can suggest.

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