Friday, July 20, 2007

Some times I scare myself

So I've been spinning up my latest batch of yarn for Crown Mountain Farms. I've always taken pride in my ability to spin a consistent yarn. Today I've managed to scare myself with just how consistent my spinning actually is. I have spun up 2 different colorways out of the four that I received. Keep in mind that I compare my singles and the plied yarn to examples that Teyani sent me but there are always (or should be) some inconsistencies in hand spun yarn. I weighed each colorway, after I was done spinning, on my digital scale. Each colorway weighed exactly 1.1 lbs, which is what it's suppose to weight. I got 5 skeins out of each pound. Ideally I should be getting 6 skeins but 5 is O.K. since the yarn is within the gauge range it's suppose to be. Each skein is approximately 205 yards. Here is where I start to hear twilight zone music in my head, in each colorway 3 of the skeins weigh 3.4 oz, one weights 3.2 and one weights 3.6. There was also about 12 yards left on the bobbin after I had skeined off the last 205 yards. O.K. this may not freak any one else but that level of consistency blows my mind just a bit. Perhaps I should have hubby check for chip slots in the back of my head.


KnitSteph said...

I hope to be that consistent some day! I'd love to spin for them!

Teyani said...

Now that is incredible. (grin) I think that you should come here and I'll introduce you to our main spinner, Cheryl. She spins faster than I have ever seen, and is the most consistent of anyone... (cue twilight zone music) every single one of her skeins is the same weight, and she always gets enough for 6 skeins. whoa.
So glad that you're part of our fun team- Someday I hope we can all meet up in person!