Monday, August 13, 2007

Finally an FO

I've been spending most of my time spinning Sock Hop Yarn for Crown Mountain Farms. On Satureday I sent off a box with four pounds of yarn that had already been sold. Teyani wasn't kidding when she said she could keep me as busy as I wanted to be. Yesterday was just too nice to stay inside and I needed a little break from spinning. Don't get me wrong I love doing it but my hands had been hurting on Saturday and I felt the desire to knit. So I set up a lounge chair in the the shade of my lovely maple tree in the back yard and spent most of the day knitting. I worked a bit on each of the socks I currently have going. I kitchenered the toe on the first of my Walking on Sunshine socks, did a few rows on the heal of my first Jaywalker, and few rounds on the second of my simple rib sock. Then I took out the Austerman Step socks that I had been working (or rather not working) on for a year. I turned the heal of the second sock and this morning finally finshed it. Here is the proof:

I want to get all these socks done by the time school starts but I'm not sure how feasble that expectation is since I also want to get another four pounds of CMF SHY spun up by no later than the end of the first week in September. I was chatting with one of the checkout ladies when I went food shopping and she asked mentioned something about television. I tald her I couldn't remember the last time I watch TV. Her response was that I must be getting a lot done. She's right, four pounds of sock yarn spun up in a month, progress on the sock front, oh and I forgot I had been knitting again on my Thermal, a sweater design from, a finished pair of socks plus progress on the preliminary reading I've been doing for my Senior Thesis on top of all the regular stuff like keeping house and taking care of hubby. I have gotten a lot done. Happy progress.

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Sner said...

I love that colour of Step. I did socks out of that a year ago (my first pair of socks in "real" sock yarn) and I still wear them once a week during the fall/winter! I can't wait to see the spinning.