Wednesday, November 21, 2007

School is what has been keeping me from posting and everything else

The good news is that all the effort I've been putting into school has been paying off in A's and B's on papers and tests. My last final is (I think) on December 18th and then I can fully resume my fiber life more or less full time. I do have today thru Sunday off so I should be able to get some fibery type stuff done and post about it. Most likely I will get some knitting done when we go over to Mommy-in-laws for Turkey Day and Friday I plan to spend spinning. I've got two of the new Crown Mountain Farms Sock Hop colorways to work on and a bit of merino goodness dyed by Pidgeon Roof Studios for myself.

Hubby and I have been doing O.K. since the loss of our beloved boy. The moments where I suddenly realize he's gone and just have to stop and cry have become fewer and further between. Thank you to all who expressed concern and sympathy for us.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

I'm devastated

I had to lay my boy, Obsidian, to rest today. The intestinal issues he has been dealing with for so long were just to much for him. I'm imagining him laying on a bed cuddling with Mitzvah.