Thursday, January 10, 2008

Plans for the upcoming weekend

My hubby will be going away to a fencing tournament this weekend. I am staying home becuase I have no desire to drive to Vermont in January even if the weather has been mild. So after I get done with my internship on Friday I will make a stop a Whole Foods to lay in a supply of yummies that don't require anything more than poping them into the micowave. Then it will be all fiber, all weekend. I have several socks that need to knitting, a project on my rigid heddle loom that I want to weave off and I want to get some hand towels, that I've had in mind for a while, warped into the floor loom. There is also spinning to be done. I have some fiber for Sock Hop Yarn to spin and I want to at least figure out what I'm going to spin for the February Craftlit Donation Incentive. Is this too grand a plan to get done in just the weekend? Perhaps but since I start class again on Monday I want to get as much fiberiffic stuff packed into my weekend as I can.

As for progress to my knitting goals, I made up the lost ground on the BB sweater and started a sock out of my handspun. Today I'm stuck at home because hubbies car is the shop and he has mine so I'm getting a head start on my all fiber weekend. I'll post pictures of all the progress on Monday.

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