Sunday, January 06, 2008

So last night I sliced into my thumb with a bread knife...

that I was washing. I didn't hurt myself much. It's really just like a very deep paper cut. The problem is that when I knit my thumb hurts. I knit about 75 yards of yarn into my BB and then just had to call it quits. So I decided to switch to spinning some cotton on my charka because while I do draft with that hand I don't hold the cotton very tight so I less chance of my thumb hurting.

Now, as I've been spinning I've asking myself, "Why don't I do this more offten?". I love to spin and the head space that I get into with cotton is unique and wonderful. I que up a little Ravi Shankar in iTunes and just let myself go. The thing about spinning cotton, at least for me anyway, is that once I got the hang of it if I think to hard about the spinning I mess up. I need to very much be in a non-thinking head space to spin cotton.

Spinning does count towards my yardage/mile goals but I don't know if I'm going to count it. It's just so easy to get mile and miles of yarn spun on charka. Never mind the fact that the resuting yarn is only like 45 WPI or more. FYI, I have no desire to knit that small so I'll be weaving with this yarn. Or maybe what I should do is count the yardage but realy work towards spinning enough cotton this month to weave the cotton shawl I've always wanted. Oh, no another project to get myself distracted by!

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Heather said...

HOW on God's Green Earth, genius girl, do you KNOW how many yards you KNIT...please tell me you don't frog to measure, then REknit.
You ARE my hero(ine)!