Thursday, January 10, 2008

Socks and some kitty cuteness

Today I finished a sock out of my first attempt at Fractal Spinning. If you not familiar with this technique there was an article in the Summer 07 issue of SpinOff Magazine on how to divide your space dyed roving to get this stipes within stripes look to your yarn. I'm really happy with the way the first one came out.

I've also finally gotten around to photographing the one and only pair of socks that I made for the Summer 07 of Socks. They are my Walking on Sunshine Socks. There was suppose to be a knot work design duplicated stiched onto the front of both socks but I started to put it on but decided I still don't like the way dulpicate stitch looks. This was the first time I did an afterthought heal. I like the way these socks fit.

It was up in the high 60's around here so I had the window open the other day. Schrodinger was very interested in what was going on outside.

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