Wednesday, May 07, 2008

What's on my wheels Wednesday

In order to keep myself motivated to post more regularly I've decided that I'm going to make Wednesdays "What's on my wheels Wednesday". So here is the inaugural post.

My friend Cathy (Engracia in the SCA) was looking for a special color of yarn for a project she's doing as a present. She found the color she wanted in roving so I'm spinning it up for her on my Traveler. There was 7 oz's of roving that I'm going to create a two ply fingering weight yarn from. I divided the roving in half and have about half of the first single spun up so far.

On my Joy I'm spinning up some fingering weight yarn for Lisa Souza in her Evah Glades colorway. The fiber is merino. Lisa sent me a pound of fiber and I should have this done and sent off to her by Monday.

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Ilix said...

Those look yummy! I love the way the Lisa Souza looks on the bobbin!