Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Using my time wisely

One of the things I've been thinking about since I've started my job search in earnest is that I won't have the kind of time that I have right now to devote to my hobbies. That being said it's not like I've been wasting time. I've been getting a lot of spinning, weaving, and knitting done. But I also need to think about preparing to get back into the work world and all that will mean. I've also been thoroughly entertained by this whole farmgirl thing. One of the ideas that Mary Jane stresses is that you should know where your food comes from and eat organic as much as possible. Since I have a black thumb (I do hope I can change this someday) I'm not going to be growing my own produce any time soon but what I can do is prepare some of my own foods instead of buying them prepackaged.

Here is a large batch spaghetti sauce that is currently simmering away in my self-stirring crockpot. I haven't made any in a really long time and hubby was very happy that I planned to make this. For the cost of premium jar sauce I'm going to have 5 or 6 meals worth of sauce forzen.

Bread is also something that I haven't made in a long time. So here is a picture of a loaf of whole wheat bread that is in process. I'd much rather eat things I've made myself but just got out of the habbit when school/work had gotten so busy in the past. I'm going to continue to use my time wisely by cooking things that I can freeze to make meal planning a little easier on both the Hubby and myself when I do go back to work.

Keeping with the farmgirl theme, one of things every farmgirl needs is an apron. Actually she needs several but I'm going to start by making one by hand. I found these wonderful rose print fabrics today. The pattern is going to come from MJ's Ideabook (see yesterdays post for the link to the book).

Tomorrow I'm going to make cheese bread and cookies.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What's a city girl like me doing.....

reading books like Mary Janes Ideabook, Cookbook, Lifebook, For The Farmgirl In All Of Us. Have I suddenly decided that in spite of being a born and raised New York City girl that I'm going to start raising my own food or keeping chickens? Um, well, no. But what it does mean is that I can enjoy working towards living a simpler life style. I can find new outlets for my love of traditionally women's crafts like sewing and baking. I can make the commitment to buy my food from local farms when ever possible. I can wear an apron and be proud of it. I am going to join the Farmgirl Sisterhood. There are thing like merit badges that a person can earn and since I was never a girl scout I feel a distinct lack of merit badges in my life. I have Miss Violet of Lime and Violet for getting me started on this. If you's like to know more about this you can follow the links here or scroll down and click the button for the Plurkette Henhouse I'll be working with.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Drop spindling with friends

I've found a lot of people that I have things in common with on Plurk. One of those things is spinning. Opal and Lori are two of the people are as into spinning as I am. Both of them are participating in a ravelry group called 10 minutes a day where the premise is pretty obvious. I do a whole more spinning than just 10 minutes a day but that spinning is mostly for Crown Mountain Farms or Liza Souza. I've decided that I'm going to try to spin along with Opal and Lori but on one of my drop spindles. I've been spinning one one of my Adam spindles using Fat Cat Knits hand dyed Merino/Tencel blend. I hope this is an -along that I can stick with.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I am a process person

What this means is that I like doing stuff, getting into the details, just existing in the moment with the thing I'm doing. I believe that if the process of a thing is done right then the product will come out right, eventually. That being said I also can be easily distracted and have been afflicted with start-itis when it comes to my knitting. However, things do come to completion around here every once in a while.

Way back in January I blogged about the first sock of this pair and now here is the completed pair.

I was insipred to finally finish them because I wanted to start at least two other pairs of socks, Nanners! by WendyKnits and Monkey by Cookie A. but I have (mumble mumble) socks already started so I figured at the very least I needed to finish something to free up the needles.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

All thew cool kids are doing it.

Plurk it's the way!

I have no excuses

No cookie for me because I'm a bad blogger. I've been home mostly and doing a whole lot of stuff. I thought that today I would take the time to share some of what I've been doing since I last promised to blog more.

On the textile front:

I've been spinning for CMF. This colorway is called Tobacco Road.

This colorway is called Layla.

Both pounds of yarn will get shipped of tomorrow so look at the CMF web site soon if you want to purchase any for yourself

One of the things that I love about spinning all this sock yarn is that the colors keep me entertained. Another things is that I don't have the "pressure" of wondering what socks this yarn will grow up to be.

I've also spun and woven a new shawl but I'm leaving that for another post.

On the home front:

We've had some interesting fungi inhabiting our tree in the back yard. Here are some of the shots I liked the best.

On the job front: while have sent out a few resumes for positions that I really was intrigued by I haven't gotten any offers yet. Not to worry. I know the idea position will come along.

On the SCA front: I've made some new garb (no pictures, forgot to take the camera out at the last event I went too), got my student going on weaving her first project and also worked with her on some painting exercises to get her ready to work on her first scroll that we are doing together. The calligraphy for it is all done. I'll post pictures of the completed scroll once it's been given to the recipient.

So there you have just some of what has been keeping me busy for the last month. Hopefully, I'll post again soon.