Sunday, June 22, 2008

Drop spindling with friends

I've found a lot of people that I have things in common with on Plurk. One of those things is spinning. Opal and Lori are two of the people are as into spinning as I am. Both of them are participating in a ravelry group called 10 minutes a day where the premise is pretty obvious. I do a whole more spinning than just 10 minutes a day but that spinning is mostly for Crown Mountain Farms or Liza Souza. I've decided that I'm going to try to spin along with Opal and Lori but on one of my drop spindles. I've been spinning one one of my Adam spindles using Fat Cat Knits hand dyed Merino/Tencel blend. I hope this is an -along that I can stick with.


loribird said...

What gorgeous fiber!
I admit, most days I spin more than 10-minutes too, but it really is nice to have that reminder for the days I think I'm "too busy..."
We'll try to keep you on track!

Rebecca said...

That stuff is gorgeous!!! I have started spending alot more time with my spindle as well and am loving it! Are you spinning it laceweight, it looks super fine.

Cheeky Red Head said...

The yarn is going to be a three ply (chain plied) when I'm done so will be a fingering weight.

Opal said...

It feels like we've been a little lax on our 10-minute breaks. We need to get back to it, don't you think?