Thursday, June 19, 2008

I am a process person

What this means is that I like doing stuff, getting into the details, just existing in the moment with the thing I'm doing. I believe that if the process of a thing is done right then the product will come out right, eventually. That being said I also can be easily distracted and have been afflicted with start-itis when it comes to my knitting. However, things do come to completion around here every once in a while.

Way back in January I blogged about the first sock of this pair and now here is the completed pair.

I was insipred to finally finish them because I wanted to start at least two other pairs of socks, Nanners! by WendyKnits and Monkey by Cookie A. but I have (mumble mumble) socks already started so I figured at the very least I needed to finish something to free up the needles.


mjzorn said...

OK, this is so weird! I was brainstorming some ideas and a friend said, "Thanks. I need a process person." I didn't know what that was or if he was even talking about me, so I googled it and your blog was the first hit. It sounded just like I had written it plus, I, too and a knitter and crafter, although not very accomplished. Alas, I am left-handed. I learned to crochet in my late teens when I spent time with my lefty sister-in-law. Wanted to teach a fun class after school this year, so I chose knitting because it is what I call even-handed, but my class and my niece ("Sweets" on Etsy) have encouraged me to take up the hook again and I am having a ball--pardon all the unintended and not very intellectual puns.

mjzorn said...

Oh, and although I have not knitted a pair of sox yet, I also have chubby calves like the model pictured....