Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I have no excuses

No cookie for me because I'm a bad blogger. I've been home mostly and doing a whole lot of stuff. I thought that today I would take the time to share some of what I've been doing since I last promised to blog more.

On the textile front:

I've been spinning for CMF. This colorway is called Tobacco Road.

This colorway is called Layla.

Both pounds of yarn will get shipped of tomorrow so look at the CMF web site soon if you want to purchase any for yourself

One of the things that I love about spinning all this sock yarn is that the colors keep me entertained. Another things is that I don't have the "pressure" of wondering what socks this yarn will grow up to be.

I've also spun and woven a new shawl but I'm leaving that for another post.

On the home front:

We've had some interesting fungi inhabiting our tree in the back yard. Here are some of the shots I liked the best.

On the job front: while have sent out a few resumes for positions that I really was intrigued by I haven't gotten any offers yet. Not to worry. I know the idea position will come along.

On the SCA front: I've made some new garb (no pictures, forgot to take the camera out at the last event I went too), got my student going on weaving her first project and also worked with her on some painting exercises to get her ready to work on her first scroll that we are doing together. The calligraphy for it is all done. I'll post pictures of the completed scroll once it's been given to the recipient.

So there you have just some of what has been keeping me busy for the last month. Hopefully, I'll post again soon.


Opal said...

I adore that Tobacco Road yarn. CMF has such awesome colorways. *covet* :)

Nerdy Knitter said...

Your spinning is beautiful--I'm so impressed!