Tuesday, July 01, 2008

My Sisterhood Badge

One of the things you get when you join the farmgirl sisterhood is a cute badge that identifies you to other sisters. One can just take the badge, finish off the edges, and slap it on a denim jacket. That's just fine. Me, I had to play with mine and add a bit of my special touch to it. Here is how I did it:

Please be sure to read all my instructions before you do the project for yourself. The badge is printed on muslin and really is cute as is but if you want to add embroidery is wise to use a fabric stabilizer on the back so it will stand up to the needle and thread. I used an iron-on tear off stabiliser which you can find in most fabric stores. I then placed the fabric in a hoop to hold the fabric taunt while I worked.

Here is what it looked like from the front and the colors of floss that I used

You can find instructions for all the stitches I used in MJ's Ideabook. I used split stitch and running stitch and you'll be able to see that better in the pictures towards the end. Once you have your embroidery complete it's time to sew a backing fabric to hide the back of the work. Cut your badge out leaving a quarter inch or so of fabric beyond the black outline. Cut your backing fabric to the same size.

Lay the two pieces of fabric right sides together and use a running stitch to join the two pieces together.

Be sure to leave an opening in the stitching in order to turn the right sides out

to decrease the bulk of the fabric near the corners of the octagon trim off the excess fabric just be sure not to cut into the badge.

Here is my badge turned right sides out. I then whip stitched the small opening closed. Notice that I added a Lazy Daisy and my farmgirl member number to the badge. I just free handed the daisy but I used a water soluble tailoring pencil (available at your fabric store) to write in the number.

I wanted to add a fancy ruffle behind my badge so I took a piece of cloth 4" by 22" and folded it in half. I also folded in a .25" hem at each end. When I do these kinds of folds I iron them down to make them more secure while I work. You can also use ribbon instead of fabric. I then placed a long running stitch along the raw edge of the folded fabric. Be sure to secure one end of the running stitch securely as this is going be what you use to ruffle the fabric.

By pulling the running stitch and watch as the fabric becomes a ruffle.

I adjusted the fabric to fit around my badge and pinned the fabric in place from the front. I then basted the ruffle to the back of the badge, making sure that the basting stitches were only in the backing fabric.

I then made a circle by sewing two pieces of fabric together the same way I made the badge for the back of the badge to cover the raw edges of the ruffle and to sew a pin back onto. You don't have to do this step unless you want to make your badge into a pin like I did.

I sewed the pin back firmly onto the backing circle. Then stitched the backing circle in place.

I added some buttons to the badge, sewing thru the badge and the ruffle, which are both decorative and hold everything in place. And here it is, my farmgirl sisterhood badge. I haven't found all the buttons I want to put on it yet.

Please let me know what you think or leave any questions you might have in the comments.


Shelley said...

Thanks for posting about this. I can not wait until I get mine. I think my package arrives on Monday.

Miss 376 said...

It looks fantastic. Something to be proud of

Moxie said...

Great job! I totally forgot about stabilizer for my badge. Thankfully it still looks okay, but I may add some iron-on interfacing on the back to help support it.

Opal said...

That looks fabulous!