Sunday, July 06, 2008


Yesterday was a really great day. Hubby and I went to our firends Marion and Thomas's house to hang out. There was lots of schmoozing and boozing. A bunch of folks fenced, I sat on the deck with some of the ladies and knit. I finished the first Nanner Sock and started the second one but the knitting was slow going for me. You might be wondering why it was slow going when I managed to crank out most of the first sock in a little over day. The answer has to do with the boozing.

See this is what can happen when you try to graft a toe while a bit tippsy. Notice the purls where no purls ought to be in my toe. I've already sunk the ends so no I'm not going to re-do the toe. Every time I look at those purls I'll remember what a nice day I had.

When I arrived home I found the yarn the Griff had ordered for me in payment for last weekends scroll. He bought me two skeins of thr STR instead of one. I should have know that since last weekend ha had asked me if I knew what it was that I had asked him to buy. He was shocked that the skeins were measured in ounces and he obviously thought 4 and some ounces just couldn't be enough. He's such a sweet guy.

This Morning I stopped in to the book store to use a credit I had nad found this:
The designs in this book are just so cute. There were 3 things that immidiately jumped out at me that I really want to sew. Slippers, fabric boxes and an adorable pin keep.

I need to get a ring of some sort to do the pin keep and some felt (unless I want to make my own) for the slipper but other wise I have all the supplies I need for these project.


Opal said...

Those STR skeins are gorgeous! Can't wait to see you knit those up. The sewing book looks like fun too.

Katy said...

I love that STR colorway! So pretty!

Manda said...

oops, on the purls!

that color is so pretty - i have it in the silky from the club, but it's stunning in the regular yarn!!

Michael said...

Howdy! I found your blog through (I think) Ravelry, and have enjoyed reading through it. I hope you don't mind, I set up a LiveJournal syndication of your feed, so I can read it in my Friends page.

Oh, and mine's a "clue" blog too - the subtitle is "Clues for the Clueless."