Sunday, August 17, 2008

Been a busy this week

Yes, to busy to stop and blog or even to take progress pictures but progress has been made on several fronts. You just have take my word for it. Sairy's embroidered bag is coming along very nicely. All the outline stitches are done and now I'm just filling in the two areas that need it. A seemingly endless number of french knots in the ruff around the sheep's face and then the sheep's face will get some thing. I just haven't decided on the stitch yet. I have all but two of the motifs done on my quilting project and then it on to the border. I've done some embroidery that will go as panels onto some box bags but those are for gifts and you won't see them until the recipients have them in hand. More bags and stitch markers went up for sale on my Etsy Shop.
There has also been spinning going on for CMF and more fiber arrived on Friday (or was it Saturday, I forget). I've got some fibet that I want to spin for myself from Fatcatknits and Pigoenroof Studios but they are just going to have to wait for a little while longer while get the CMF fiber done.
I did take a break last night to go to a party at my friends Collin and Diane's home. They have a fire pit in their back yard so when it was dark enough we all gathered around it and talked. I was knitting on a new sock. At one point I dropped a stitch and had to have Collin build the fire up so I'd have enough light to fix it. My friends just laughed, Collin built the fire up, and all is well with my sock.
Larissa pulled a lounger chair over and was dozing near the fire. She looked so cute that I just had to try to take a picture. I blinded everyone with the flash and scared the crap out of Larissa because she thought the fire had somehow collapsed towards her. Sorry guys! But look isn't she cute!
This week I'll be working on a new bag design specifically for drop spindles. More on that as the design comes along.


Opal said...

Gorgeous fire shot. I'm looking forward to seeing the new bag design!

bunni said...

Someone I met at an SCA event over the weekend, and I'm sorry that I don't remember her name, saw some of my drop spindles and nostrepennegs and thought that I should email you because she liked my work, especially when she learned that I work in all kinds of wood and even make walking spindles.
Charles Mallett