Thursday, December 18, 2008

Turning a negative into a posititve

for more than a week my friend Katy had been working on scarf to put into an office grab bag thing for Christmas (you can read the whole story here). Well the gift went under appreciated to say the least and Katy's feelings were very hurt. I got very angry on her behalf but then I thought for minute that my getting angry was not going to do her or me any good. I very much wanted to show Katy that she is talented, wonderful and very caring for going to effort to make a gift rather than just throw a token amount of money at the problem.

Here is what I've come up with: Katy is going to send me the scarf and I'm going to have my picture taken wearing it. I will also take pictures of Dr. Schrodinger and Minuette wearing it. I will then send the scarf to another of Katys friends to do the same. We all, so far 20 or so people who know about my idea and want to be a part of this, will send the pictures to Katy for her to post on the walls of her cube at work.

My hope for this is really very simple for Katy to see for herself that she is valued and that her gifts, all of them, are appreciated.

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Mitchypoo said...

You are very talented and I love that you had the idea to make this awful event that happened to Katy into something positive and heartfelt.

Me...I'm still angry. But can't wait to get the scarf and send her my pic.