Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What I've been doing

Today I go back to the Dr.'s to find out the results of all the tests they did on my blood last week. In spite of the Dr. putting me on steroids the pain has not gona away so Hubby and I are prepared for bad news.
In the mean time so as not to go completely out of my tree I have been doing my best to ignore the pain and spin some yarn. My friend Jess (AKA Zarzuela) has been hosting a spin-a-long on the Raverly board for her Etsy fiber shop. I have lots of her fiber so I decided to use the colorway called Cloudy Day that I bought as a birthday present to myself. The main point of the SAL is to navajo ply your fiber.
I needed to go slow and keep movement to a minimum so I stripped down the length of the roving into very thin sections and spun the single at about 40 WPI. This didn't hurt me to spin since there was practically no drafting. It took me about 3 days to finish up the single. This is rather slow for me both due to the pain and the weight I was spinning. I let the bobbin sit over night to let the yarn rest. This makes it so much easier to ply. Plying did hurt a lot more than the spinning did because the motions with navajo plying are much bigger but I managed by taking frequent breaks.
And here it is, the finished yarn: approx 28 WPI and approx 370 yards before I set the twist. I have the feeling that the yarn is going to spring back somewhat and become just a bit fatter and short in length over all.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Knitting my oldest UFO

I decided to take out the oldest UFO in the pile. A Rogue hoody in a lush purple, silk wool blend. I screwed up the first cable row I started on but only found the mistake on the next cable row. So tink back two rows. I am now one row ahead of where I started. I had forgotten just how heavy this project is now that I'm on the hood. This is a slight problem since I've had back spasms for more than a week. I'm feeling better than I had been but I think I'd better work on a sleve so I can make progress without hurting myself. My other option is to put the project back to sleep, until after the Dr figures out how to help me deal with the pain, and just go back to knitting socks.