Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Knitting my oldest UFO

I decided to take out the oldest UFO in the pile. A Rogue hoody in a lush purple, silk wool blend. I screwed up the first cable row I started on but only found the mistake on the next cable row. So tink back two rows. I am now one row ahead of where I started. I had forgotten just how heavy this project is now that I'm on the hood. This is a slight problem since I've had back spasms for more than a week. I'm feeling better than I had been but I think I'd better work on a sleve so I can make progress without hurting myself. My other option is to put the project back to sleep, until after the Dr figures out how to help me deal with the pain, and just go back to knitting socks.


madonnaearth said...

If you didn't commit an error all the way through that previous row, you can just leave row 2 on the needles, and move stitches over until you're just above the error, tink those few stitches, tink the error, and reknit them.

If I'm not explaining this well, let me know and I will find some links to clear up what I mean.

Are you using a circular needle? That may help, because then you can leave the weight of the sweater on your lap instead of having it hang on the ends of your needles.

madonnaearth said...

forgot to add, I love the project bags, specially that dark green one. I have a friend who with a ravatar that looks like the pink kitty on black fabric!