Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer of Socks '09

Yesterday was the kick off party for SOS09. We all plugged in thru stickcam and cast on at 10:00am. The conversation was pretty quiet while we all counted our stitches. It was nice to see the folks who showed up all though not all of the folks had webcams so I didn't really see all of them. We chatted and knit and had a very nice time. It ended to early for me because most folks had father's day obligations. But we'll have other virtual play dates. Here's the progress on the sock I started. It's a plain toes up sock knit out of Panada Cotton. The socks are for my friend Alys. It had to be frogged once because I lost track of the increases but now I'm well into the foot. I think it looks like a big red tounge at the moment.

I tend to knit cotton very tight. In fact to get guage I'm up two needle sizes and spot on. If I wasn't on Remicade I know I wouldn't be able to knit this because I would just hurt way to much. I'm not totally out of pain while working on this but if I keep my Handeze Gloves on (think support hose for your hands) and an icepack on my left shoulder then I'm fine. Its nice to know I have some way of knowing that the drug is working.

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