Wednesday, June 24, 2009

TTMMH - Podcasts

One of the things that makes me happy are podcasts. You can find some of my favorites if you scroll down the page. I got into listening to them because I was interested in the subject matter which is the reason why most people listen to them. But recently I have come to love them for another reason. I've spent several months of forced inactivity. Either I've been to tired or in to much pain do the things that I'm passionate about. It was making me really sad, but at some point I worked on reframing my idea of what being creative meant to me. By listening to people who are passionate about a particular subject, like knitting, Buddhism, or Creative Arts Therapy, I can participate vicariously when I can't in reality. But its more than that. I've been able to fill up my creative well with ideas that have come to me while listening. I've been able to (even thought its rather one sided) connect with folks who love the same things I do. That feeling of connection has gone a long way to help me deal some of the isolation and loneliness that comes with being sick. I've laughed and you know they say that laughter is the best medcine. So if you've never listened to one just plug a word into Google or Itunes and I just know that someone out there has a podcast that will suite you. If you haven't listened to one in while come back to them. Perhaps you'll even be ispired enough to create one of your own.

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