Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A long boring summer

I haven't posted because there really has nothing to post about. I'm maxed out on all of the meds that are suppose to get this damn disease under control and it's not. The one med that's not a narcotic that really helped with the pain set my brain on fire. As much as I want to be pain free I rather not wind up in the in a locked ward of the local psych clinic. They don't let you spin or knit in there. I can spin on my wheel for about 30 minutes if I'm lucky before my left shoulder and right hip say stop for the day. If I'm using a light drop spindle then I can get a bit more time in but if I push it to much I regret it later.

The summer hasn't been a total dud. I've had the chance to spend some time with friends who don't mind that I have no stamina and have been wonderful at taking care of me. One friend when as far as to rearrange the furniture in house to make the air flow from the air conditioner flow better so I could come over. Her boy friend thought it was the best thing since sliced bread and wondered why they hadn't done it earlier in the summer! She's also a cook and has fed me lost of yummy food over the summer.

I've missed being with other friends, I hope you know who you are, because I haven't been able to stand for very long. So helping out with various events has been right out.

My fall is shaping up to be much better. We made the final commitment to the layout on our kitchen renovation. We went thru many layout changes to make the kitchen space more efficient. The only thing that has really changed is where the stove is going. My stove will no longer open into the side of another cabinet. They should start the demo the day I get back from Disney World.

Disney is the other thing that I am very much looking forward to. A friend wanted to go for the Food and Wine festival. Her boy wasn't interested and the majority of our group of friends are all going on a cruise later in the fall. So she said "bring your spending money and come with me!" Who am I to look a gift mouse in the mouth. I'm not letting her pay for the whole trip, that just wouldn't sit well with Hubby or myself. I'm paying for as much as I can considering we are about 10K over the initial budget for the reno. Part of where we went over budget is that we're having a half bay window put in which will bring a whole lot more light and give me more counter space. I know the investment we're making in the window will pay off in added value to the house if we do ever sell. It will also give the cats a place to sit and watch the birds in the back yard.

One of the things that's making Disney possible for me is that I can rent a scooter to get around on. My friend also has a problem with the nerves in her feet so we'll be trading off who rides and who walks or if she's really hurting to we'll just get two scooters. I've had visions of drag races down Main Street USA! We'll be leaving a week from this Thursday and I can't wait! This will be my once a decade trip to Florida.