Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Weaving with RA

Back in the days before I was sick I could wind a warp and dress my floor loom and be ready to weave in just a few hours, depending of course on how big and complicated the project was. These days its quite a different story. I wound the warp on Sunday then did nothing else the rest of the day, but part of the reason for that is I work a craft fair on Saturday with my friends Sarah and Sharon and I was just tired. This morning got the warp prepped onto the loom so I'm ready to beam it. It was a good place to start because my back decided that it really needed some quality time with the heating pad. I don't feel bad that I'm having to take the project and break it down into small increments mainly because I don't have a choice. Its do it small or not at all so I'll take small. At the craft fair I spoke to a woman who is a weaver and wants to learn to spin who also happens to have RA. I told her that I would be happy to work with her and we would decide together just how much it was going to be possible for her to do. I spoke to her about the whole concept of "Do it small or not at all" (taking things down to small bites not small projects) as much as could while also trying to sell spinning fiber for my friends. My new attitude towards my illness is taking shape. I will never be happy that I'm sick but I can be accepting of it and I will find a way to do all the things I used to do one way or any other because I just can't not do those things. Small it is.

ETA: My back is still not at all happy with me and my hips are in complete agreement with my back. So for the rest of the day I'm either going to knit on a sock or read while communing with my heating pad.

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